Saturday, January 28, 2012


Before I hit publish the power went out,
adding the last straw to a painful, heart wrenching day.

Fears. Frustration. Rebellion. Illness. Nightmares. Bad news. Human suffering. Ugliness.
I wandered over to a roadside stall and cried bitter tears over milk tea together with equally sorrowful Canada and Denmark.

Nepal is a beautiful, hot sticky mess challenging me on every side.
Nothing feels comfortable or safe. Nothing feels in control.

Which is true. I'm not in control.
Papa's got it all in His hands.

He whispers that He can use my fears and uncertainties to draw me closer.
I'm comforted by Exodus 14:14.
He will fight for me, I only have to be silent.

If I silence my bitter, doubting, angry heart He is able to whisper sweet Truth into my life.

Be still. Be silent. He's not going to scream over me.

I don't have to carry it all.


Cocoon-Hymns From Nineveh

I spent the night in the forest,
you were shining when I cried,
when I cried:
"Oh where is the light?"

I spent all day in my mindscape,
you were with me
when I weapt,
when I weapt,
you watched me when I slept.

Skies have grown darker,
but stars have grown brighter,
and my room,
and my room
is a safe cocoon!

Streets have gone misty,
but peace is upon me when I sing,
when I sing:
"Holy is the King!"

and You won't wash away if I fade,
and it's OK to break in two,
break in two,
if I'm breaking into you!