Monday, May 16, 2011


I was on a run the other day and found some wild edibles. This happens a lot. I start out with great intentions of getting a kick-butt cardio workout only to end up slowly meandering in my sweaty running clothes with arms full of plantain or Herb Roberts.

Or in this case, Chickweed.

I found it growing abundantly in someone's yard. I pilfered... umm... kindly eradicated it, then took it home and fed it to my lovely friends in a salad.
I tastes like mustard and is bursting with vitamins and minerals. It's a winner.


I’ve been glancing longingly at racks of vegetable starts and mourning the fact that I don’t have a garden in my life at present. It would be entirely irresponsible and ridiculous to start one since I won’t even be here for the harvest. It aches a little to see people carrying trays of their newly acquired squash plants at the farmer's market.

I try not to look envious.

This time last year I was right in the middle of my herbalist apprenticeship and working on the farm everyday with my hands in the dirt. It's such a strange thing not to be consumed with the cultivating and harvesting process this year. It just seems so lazy.

However, it's good to be reminded of this part of myself. Winter tends to make me feel soggy. When Spring rolls around this wonderful part of myself comes alive again. I remember that I’m the girl who loves and knows the plants.
And it’s comforting to remind myself that although I have the skills and passion for things doesn’t mean I’m obligated to apply them. I’m trying to work this into other areas of my life. Everything has it’s season. Someday there will be a season for such things as brandywine tomatoes and fireplaces and enough counter space and big black dogs and a barefooted man. 
But presently, I’m blessed to be in the season of dreadlocks and storage units and sleeping bags and “pilfered” weed salads.


αуℓα said...

i just adore your frizzy head. lovely pictures, i like seeing the world through your lens.

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