Monday, September 12, 2011

Rest and Sunday

(Here is a backwards post. I promise to have last week's arrival/backpacking trip post up before Friday)

Sometimes in the early morning I feel like Papa is mischievously perched on the edge of my bed, like an anticipant two-year old.
Get up! LET'S GO!!!

window view
I shared Josh Garrels with Tegan. Waking up. Listening to "Flood Waters". Journaling.

Like most Scandinavian countries, there is a wide selection of bread and spreads for ranging from fish and liver to nutella and brown cheese, for breakfast. We eat open face sandwiches twice a day.

However, this morning, being as it was Sunday, we had homemade kefir and scrambled eggs. Treat! Also, I ate the last of the wild blueberry harvest with my muesli.

I ran from the base to the Meløy ferry after breakfast. Glittering fjords. White sheep in dark pines. Sun on the mountains.

Here are some videos for your viewing pleasure (thank you ipod!)

There are hardly foothills here. Only jagged mountains rising straight up out of the sea.

Afternoon sunlit piano playing and tea drinking in the living room.

Olga and I drove over to the island to pick up this week's speaker from the ferry landing.
I'm slowly getting my bearings. The scenery is pretty glorious.

The base from across the water

Waiting for the ferry

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around the base and poking into tide pools.

I had been struggling with stillness since I came here. Today was a good exercise in being so.

Happy, sunny, restful, Sunday!


Graucky said...

The pictures are all so beautiful! You are truely blessed meine schwester! Looking forward to seeing and hearing about more of your adventure in Norway!

αуℓα said...

prayer flagsss! :D

i love your happy smile at the end of this post. and i love all the sea weed pictures too.

i just love everything here.

Jackie said...

I just can't get over how beautiful everything is! We miss you here but it's so awesome to hear about your adventures!