Sunday, November 13, 2011

rain or shine


As it happens.
Yesterday, our long traveling day, was perfect.

Today was...less so. 
Pouring rain and driving winds. We went hiking anyways. 
Endless mountains grow behind our house. Olga. Åge. Christophe. Lars.
It was wet and muddy. I fell over. Lots.

Lars-"Rachael, What are you doing? There are no herbs here to pick!"

The storm tried to blow us away, freeze our fingers, and swallow up the view.
But it was lovely.

And we weren't stuck indoors. Cabin fever strikes often and it strikes HARD.
The sun says goodnight before three.

We sloshed down the side of the mountain to find the cozy, mossy-roofed, Nordtun Cabin.

There we sat the rest of the afternoon, 
giggling in our wet woolens and sipping cocoa by firelight, 
till it got to dark to see each other's faces.

Then we went home.

Free time. 
Less blogging. More THIS.

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