Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let the wild rumpus start

Suddenly it was time to leave Nordtun.

Last day it snowed.
Tears. Hugs. Packing.
The adventure continues.

I didn't take very many photos.
Except of the dance party.

"Crying is good for you. It releases carcinogens. So you won't ever get cancer!"-Sarah

Four hours of sleep. Early morning. Teary eyed friends. Lovely farewells.

Of course, I'd never seen a morning as perfect as the last one.
Sparkling leaves. Glassy fjords.

Drove to Bodø.
Talegate lunch party in the Airport parking lot.

The SAS baggage lady was amazing. 
She sent my 31.5kilo bag with Tegan to Canada without charging me extra. 

Went into town and had one last coffee with my Danish roommate, Mirjam.

However, our dear YWAM van, decided to break down on the way back to the airport.
I had to push start it, in a dress.

Mirjam flagged down an obliging civilian and I was driven to the airport, just in time. 
I was the last one on my flight.


I literally had five minutes of alone time.
I checked into my hostel in Oslo and made a friend.
She made me hot cocoa and spilled stories from El Camino De Santiago.

At midnight I picked up Sarah from the train station.

Dear, darling Sarah. 
UPS truck collisions didn't stop her from flying across the world to go adventuring with me.

And we adventured.

Sleeping late. Three hour long breakfast. Almond butter on EVERYTHING. 
Vegetables. Vegetables. Vegetables. Smelling the flowers. Palace. Parks. 
Hugging trees. Dresses. Naked statues. Sushi. 8 hour long walk. Best friend. 

Let the wild rumpus start! 

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