Sunday, March 18, 2012

Holiday Recap: A Danish Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Denmark

I've been in a different country for every holiday since I moved overseas.
Thanksgiving in Denmark. Christmas in Spain. NYE in Ireland. 
Valentines in Nepal. St. Patrick's in Norway. 

Sarah and I have tickets for a birthday in Switzerland.
We expect to be home in time for Independence Day in the USA.

Ayla's husband was on deployment, so she bought tickets to Roskilde, Denmark 
to spend Thanksgiving with her childhood friends, The Holgates. 

Denmark and Norway are neighbors. 
Lauren and Ayla graciously extended the invitation to join.

I love Americans. 

The Holgate's hosted Thanksgiving at their church.
The Danes were thrilled and requested another dinner for next year.

Eats included: Danish meatballs, Waldorf salad, thai food, lasagna, bagels and lil' smokies. 

Such a good time.

After dinner, a sleepy Ayla and I walked home in the cold. 
We drank pudding-thick hot cacao on the porch in our pajamas, 
smoking Danish Christmas pipe tabacco and gazing out over the silent city.


Overall a delightful weekend full of:

Good conversations. Farmer's market. Wine. Cathedrals. 
Candlelit dinners on the floor. Chocolate. Tombs. La Pipa. 
Dreadlocked head massages. Trains. Soft sweaters.
 Exploring Copenhagen. Christmas Markets. 
Chai lattes. Cozy cafes. Honesty.

Absolutely lovely.


Ayla's Thanksgiving experience: What? Mermaids?
and Lauren's: ladaisi

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