Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holiday Recap: Norwegian St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day in Norway

I've been in a different country for every holiday since I moved overseas.
Thanksgiving in Denmark. Christmas in Spain. NYE in Ireland. 
Valentines in Nepal. St. Patrick's in Norway. 

Sarah and I have tickets for a birthday in Switzerland.
We expect to be home in time for Independence Day in the USA.

Nordtun woke up to snow on St. Patties,
 so Tegan and I exchanged our running shoes for cross country skis.

*I left my camera, but snatched some shots on Mirjam's*

As usual, the Norwegians are sickeningly graceful on skis,
while the rest of us look something akin to a flock of disorientated crustaceans.

But it was good fun.

 Lars. Tegan. Henning. Mirjam. Per Henrik. 
Good conversations. Giggling. Nepali granola bars. Tea thermos. Sunbreak. Sparkling sea.

The Norwegians don't typically celebrate St. Patrick's Day,
 so sadly, there was no beer. 

However, that morning, Henning, brought me fresh cup of Tully's coffee, 
as I sat reading by the fire.

That far-off taste of home was lovelier than any brew. 

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