Thursday, April 5, 2012

How the day sounds.

 Our house woke up to softly falling snow at the start of Easter vacation.
The morning also brought in a catch of fresh fish from the fjord. 
Compliments of our Swedish friends.
Cod. Sol. Wolfish. Starfish. Crab.

We've been doing a good job at keeping ourselves entertained, this winter. 
Keeping away that cabin fever

My roommate burst in to our room today while I was experimenting with my dance style.
Community living is awkward.

Sometimes, I unintentionally exasperate the Scandinavians.
But they are usually too polite to tell me. 

Thankful that I live with gracious folk.

I cut my hair into a pixie cut with a pair of right handed scissors (I'm a lefty)
They kept getting loose and I had to retighten the screws several times during the process.

I'm loving Alexi Murdoch lately. 

I walked through the fresh, sunny world to the store in my big furry boots to send letters back home.

The days are getting long but our arctic world is still swathed in white and silver. 
Not a green leaf in sight.

Spring is making me fall even more in love with this cold, quiet place. 
Driving rain has it's own beauty, after all.
Quite honestly, I wish that I could stay.
But since I made myself buy a ticket to Seattle, I'll be meeting the unknown, again, in America.
Which looks far more daunting than coming here, to Norway, ever did.

So, I'm resting in Papa's promises, unfailing love
and of course, my adventurous Knudson intuition.
"I would rather walk with God in the dark, than walk alone in the light"
Journey on!

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