Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to roll like a Knudson.


July 23rd 2012:

Rachael Knudson drove 11+ hours solo. 
From Colorado, through Wyoming and Utah on her way to Madras, Oregon.

Eric Knudson drove 13+ hours solo. 
Across the East Coast, Midwest and back to South Dakota

Grandma Knudson drove solo, non-stop through the night. 
North from Mt. Shasta, California to Bellingham, WA.

Clearly. These crazies are related.


How to roll like a Knudson.

ONE: Knudsons are nomadic.

Aunt C is a Navy nomad.

Dad's the pilot and is always on the road. Or rather, the sky.

Grandma Judy rocks it as like classy gypsy in her Dodge Caravan full of crystals and coconut water.

And Rachael?
She traveled to over ten countries and thirteen states last year. Changing beds an average of every four days. 
She's terrible.

TWO: Home

You may be a Knudson if you have multiple residences. In different states. 
Or you just don't have a residence. Period.

THREE: Move. Lots.

All new Knudson activities require a move. 

New job? Move
New spouse? Move
New baby? Move
New career? Move
New language? Move
New school? Move
New mountains? Move

FOUR: Randomly rendezvous in unlikely places. 


While in route to South Dakota, Rachael Knudson caught Papa Knudson on his layover in Kansas. 
Vietnamese. Picnic Lunch. Chatting for hours.

FIVE: Sleep. Anywhere.

You are very Knudson if you consistently drive for more than 12 hours straight, forgo hotels, and sleep in your car.

They also don't mind sleeping in strange places or the homes of strangers.
After all, being an overly-friendly Knudson, you hardly meet a stranger before they become your new BFF.

SIX: Knudsons love gardening.

Extra points if you carry your garden in the backseat or your backpack.

BONUS: You may be turning into Grandma Judy if you have plants growing out the back of your car.
Be sure to name them.

SEVEN: Knudsons are caffeine sensitive.

Actually, they are just sensitive in general.

This does not stop keep them from drinking their beloved coffee.
Knudsons become even more entertaining when caffeinated.

EIGHT: They are obsessed with Trader Joes.

They will cross state lines and re-route for hundreds of miles for such culinary wonders.
Who wouldn't though? Right?

BONUS: Road-trip food of choice? Veggies.

NINE: Friends

When a Knudson travels, they try and visit ALL their friends.
They most likely will go out of their way in order to do so.

Even if it requires an extra ten hours of driving.
 Or taking that extra train or flight or international ferry.

TEN: Nature lovers.

Grandma Judy moved to Washington for the trees.
Rachael moved to Colorado for the mountains.

ELEVEN: Hard to find

Some Knudsons forget to check in while traveling. People worry.

 TWELVE: They miss other each other. 

A lot.

Which, perpetuates the problem of their non-stop nomadic status.
(This Knudson is scheming on how to make it to Maine next month.)

THIRTEEN: Truth is

They are wildly delightful folks.

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