Sunday, August 26, 2012

Road-trip: South Dakota

I left OKC and headed North to see the Knudson 6.

Sioux Falls. 7 Knudsons. 

Breakfast. Buckwheat crepes. Bikes. Bikes. Bikes.

Playing. Luke. Laef. Vikings in the basement.

"Ohhhhh, those poor Vikings!
They had to cook for themselves, before the women came!" -Laef

Exploring. Dad. Bella. Storms series. Musuem.

Naps. Books. Playing. Stories. 

Bella makes a wicked naan. Impressive and delicious.

Cooking. Cooking. Dominique. Belly laughing. Roasted beets. Mead.

Fish tacos. Adventure planning. Typical Knudsons.

After dinner. Golden hour. Walks around the block.

Warm wind. Stars. Mint tea. Barefoot. Pipe. Lightning bugs. Hammock.

A thousand snuggles and smooches. 


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