Sunday, May 6, 2012


Feeling a bit traveled-out. 
So, I hunkered down at the base for Easter, instead of running off on a wild excursion.

It snowed every day, but we avoided the dreaded cabin fever.
By hiking, a lot.

And we cozied up inside with fires and movies.

Tegan turned 22. 
Henning and I made a mess in the kitchen of french toast and Dutch hot chocolate.

Our hot tub is has a chimney and a fire box.
It is good for toasting marshmallows and viewing sunsets over the islands.

I was getting a mullet so Tegan helped me cut the back of my hair. 

"You know we are REALLY good friends. You are naked under a garbage bag 
and I'm cutting your hair with Biltema scissors, in a shower stall." 

The essence of YWAM.

Easter morning involved
North american dancing through the living room, naps and sunlit, snowy explorations.

Lydia made lamb for Easter dinner.
Icelandic style.

I came downstairs the next morning and found her gnawing on the leftovers. 
A true Viking.

The week ended with fishing, in which,
Lars caught some strange fish while Henning and I soaked in the richest of golden hours.

(These lovely photos belong to Henning)

A most delightful stay-cation.

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