Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Outer Islands: Lovund

We spent a week in the far outer islands.
Wind swept, treeless, North Atlantic, rocky shores.

The Gulbransens lived on Lovund before coming to Nordtun DTS.
They took great delight in showing off their lovely island, to us.

The weather continued to be freakish and gloomy.
Thus, we were confined to the warmth of the church, for most of the week.

Our industrious menfolk worked hard residing the church building. 
Tegan and I filled them with coffee on a regular basis.

Photo: Lýdía Linnéa Pálsdóttir 
Lars obliged us North Americans by teaching us how to make Norwegian waffles.

The First of May Bazaar:
School gym hall. Raffle. Legions of cakes with gallons of coffee to wash them down.

Someone gave us a fruit basket at the end of the evening.
Tegan and I had a good laugh over trying to fit the melons in my backpack.

My poor backpack is always a good source for a laugh.
No matter how much time I devote to careful packing, 
it always ends up lumpy and askew.

Tegan decided that it must be inhabited by two fat, baby-like, hobbits
named Fatty Doerkins and Fatty Boldger.

"I wonder if I can fit this tent inside? I just hate having it look so lumpy!"
"Rachael! Don't hurt Fatty Doerkins and Fatty Boldger, just because society chooses to shun them! 
They HAVE to live in your backpack!"

The rest of the time we:

Made silly songs

Hiked to barbecue shelters and had cozy picnics.

Took sunset walks.

Met fluffy dogs and shaggy sheep.

Discovered golden hour over the water and heather fields to lay in.
Wild goose eggs in their downy nests.

Lovund you were magic.

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