Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Outer Islands: Træna

We spent a week in the far outer islands.
Wind swept, treeless, North Atlantic, rocky shores.

Træna is the island next door to Sanna.
Getting there, however, involved a crossing the raging open ocean.
Everyone's favorite.

We tromped all over before finding our campsite.
As usual, the weather was icy and disagreeable.

On the plus side,
Many hours were spent in the darling Petter Dass Chapel enjoying it's lovely acoustics.

It was full of wild depictions of Vikings and Papa God and monstrous sea creatures.

We hung out with the local youth all Friday night. 
Tegan and I manned the kitchen, cranked out a few dozen pizzas and called it a night.
Snatched a small bit of sleep and headed for our next island.

To be continued on Lovund.

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