Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cider: A farm story

An invitation. 
Jacob's Springs Farm.

 Hot afternoon. Cider pressing. Fellowship.

Warm wind.
Wasps dodging between our sweet cider smelling hands. 

Apple peeling. Apple coring. Apple pressing. Apple tasting. 

We perched on overturned milk crates, slicing endless mounds of jewel bright fruit.
Andre told us the story of the farm's name.

Tales of blessing. Talks of Jesus.

Barefooted babies. Tall grasses.

Chickens. Geese. Bearded goats. 

Cider on my skirt.
Cider between sticky fingers and toes.
Cider on the corner of my smile.

Crickets. A thousand bright stars. 

Cider grilled shrimp. Cider syrup and avocado salad. Bounty. 

The lumpy, lopsided orange moon smiled down on us in the most approving of ways.

Andre does amazing things in Zambia.
Check it out:

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Lauren said...

Beautiful photographs and poetry! Thank you for sharing this!