Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Miserable, Majestic Migration.

August 2012

Moving to Colorado.

First day: Bellingham to Pullman

Drove through to Eastern Washington and spent the evening with friends.
Brooke and Phil Aasen. Futon. Smoothies. Stories.
Warm hospitality.

Second day: Pullman to Bozeman

Up at dawn with a supposed allergy attack.
If only it were allergies. 
Hello, debilitating flu.

Apparently non-stop traveling drains your immune system the same way it does your gas tank. 

Made it to Missoula where I stumbled into the health food store for a cure.
I regret I wasn't able to enjoy the drive through Montana, at all.

Several hours before Bozeman I had to pull over and sleep.
Hospital parking lot. Open mouth. Headache. 
Swollen eyes. Sore throat. Runny nose.
Fever. 98 degrees out.

Miraculously, I made it to Bozeman without fainting/smashing my car into the hillside.

Collins, from Bellingham, had set me up with a place to sleep for that evening.
My host was absolutely delightful, I really wish I could've stayed awake to become friends.
She gave me the spare room and a box of Mucinex.

Day Three: Bozeman to Tetons

Sickest day, yet. 
Didn't keep me from Yellowstone.
Even if I did hobble from geyser to geyser, gasping for breath.

Have to say, it was most fascinating sick day I've ever had.

Although, I'd much rather have stayed in bed.
Felt like I was playing hooky from school or something.

I had no idea where I was going to sleep, that night.
Normally, it wouldn't have worried me. I can sleep almost anywhere. 
But not when feverishly and confusedly wandering around Wyoming.

Between the legions of tourists and the limited cell service, 
it was looking like I'd have to sleep in the driver's seat.

I hit the Tetons.

Full campground.
Full campground.
Full campground.

Until I got to the lake.
"Do you still have space?"
"Just you? Are you a tent?"
"Yes, sir!"
"Well, then! I have three spots left, lucky you!"


Set up camp.
Scenic drive before bed.

Safe sleeping spot.

Sunset and mosquitoes.

Day Four: Tetons to Boulder

Woke up in my tent under a forest in the Tetons. 
Drove ten hours through the high desert.
Crossed over the continental divide seven times.
Kicked my flu in the face with ginger and zinc.

Arrived in Colorado. 

Moved in. Half unpacked.
Built shelter.

Got back in the car and drove to Heidi's house.

Greeted by a bunch of lovely folks, cello, mandolin, and didgeridoo. 
I was given hugs, wine, and the ukulele. 

Best. Welcome. Ever.

A year of traveling finally come to an end.
It's good to be home.

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