Saturday, September 8, 2012

Madras and the Matti.

Road-trip: Colorado to Orgeon

 20 hours were driven. 
5 states were traversed. 
9 Thunderstorms were outrun. 
1 stranger's couch was surfed.

In Oregon, I took the road less traveled and almost ran out of gas because of it. 

Right as the gas light came on I saw a sign for:
Indian beads, gas and gifts. 

Arrived in Madras. Saw the Mattix family at last!
Some of my oldest and dearest friends. I missed them terribly while in Norway. 
They are the most kindred of folks.

Meg made up a big lavender quilted bed and my heart was fit to burst. It was so happy. 
I slept more soundly than I had in months.


We made a huge delicious breakfast and wandered over to the Mission in the morning. 
Good to finally visit and have context for what Megan and Justin are living out.

Megs and I had lots of resting. Also lots of cooking. As usual.
"Only the best of buddies can take naps simultaneously and call it quality time." -Megs


Smith Rock

Justin and I climbed. 
Megan took unflattering hysterical pictures of my harness butt.

Stars and moonlight.
Illuminated rock.
Night climbing. 

Bats and warm breeze. 
Desert sage and gnarled pine.
Wild scented goodness.

Lavender farm. 
Fat puppies. Lazy bees.
Lavender lemonade. Lavender shortbread. Lavender lattes. 

And we wandered.
Megan understands playing outside better than anyone.

I wish I had taken more pictures of her cute belly.
Can't wait for Baby Mattix to arrive this winter.

We rejoined Justin at Haystack. 

Camping with the Mission.

Sunsets. Watermelon. Campfire. Worship.

I could have stayed forever but had to get back to Bellingham.

Mattix family, I love you. 
What a treat.

1 comment:

Justin and Megan Mattix said...

thank you lil root, for coming to see us Madras!
So glad you were immersed in the characters, the beauty, and the mess of it all.
i love you so much. WE love you so much.

can't wait to let you hug our littlest of roots who is still on her way!!!