Saturday, September 22, 2012

Short trip home.

Short trip home.

(an instagram post) 

I was home in Bellingham for a week. 
And many wonderful things happened.

Such as:

All the Brennan girls went on a date.
(Except for the littlest, Ellie. Who would've been mindlessly bored anyways.)

And we ate at my favorite breakfast cafe.
Matterhorn mushroom omelette. Mimosa.

 This is my little sister Grace. Isn't she a doll?

People always assume we're together, although we're both straighter than straight.
(Which, honestly, I don't mind. She's a total babe.)

I picked her up in Seattle on my way home from Oregon.
Missed her most.

We went exploring in La Conner.
Like all good girlfriends on a weekend. 
There were lavender tastings and also rhubarb pie.

 We visited art galleries and hippie gardens.

There was a ferry that went to Canada (Vancouver Island) 
So, I got to see Tegan.

Came home from Canada and went directly back the next day.
Vancouver. Mainland. Chinatown.

Gecko on a stick is good for what exactly?

We had lunch. 

It was greasy and we all felt horrible.
It was also hilarious and exotic.

Pickled bean buns and plum custard.

Adventurous snacking.

Explained to Hayden the difference between a mullet and a skullet.


Mallard's Ice-cream.
A Bellingham staple.
Fresh mountain blueberry and garden mint.

Super Mario's:
Tongue tacos with extra lime.
Never found a better taco truck. 

 I got to see ALL of my dearest friends.
From California to Canada to Alaska.


Somehow, we were all in town at the same time.


Dear friends. Big grins. Strong hugs. Teary goodbyes.

And some friends got engaged.
Josh arranged a scavenger hunt proposal for Nicole.
I got to be there. Special sneaky surprise!
(Congrats you two!)

 There were a thousand kisses and snuggles from the family.

 Shared margaritas with Mom after we packed up my car.

 And saying goodbye to the ocean.
And saying goodbye to friends.
And saying goodbye to family.
And saying goodbye to church.
And saying goodbye to grey skies.

Then onward to Colorado with a garden growing in the trunk.

Adventure on!

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