Sunday, July 8, 2012


Our last Norwegian church service. I translated to Sarah. 
It was hilarious.

Sadly, my language comprehension finally came together, right before moving away. 
A little late. I'll just have visit Norway more often.

When you are together with your best friend, there is no end to the silliness.

Late evening walks. Reading aloud. Hiking in pajamas.
Late-night kitchen scissor haircuts. Stopping to smell ALL the roses.

Sarah and I skinny dipped (behind the church) in a fjord full of jellyfish.
Scarves make great towels.

"I just need to write my biography.
 I will think it will be a best seller, and I'm only 26.
 Then we can live off the royalties in our fish taco truck,
while beautifying Christian communities.


I mean, seriously folks, I scored on a travel buddy.

Sarah Richardson, you are fabulous.

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