Sunday, July 1, 2012

Further adventures in Høvåg.

Our Høvåg adventures continued.

We had the pleasure of meeting Jo's daughter Cecilie, before she returned to Oslo.

Another dinner party? Of course!

Coffee. Cake. Cigars.
Epitome of vacationing.

 Cecilie has the most beautiful voice.

We stayed up late and played and giggling and forgot most of the lyrics.
Our Norwegians friends are amazingly talented.


So. much. fun.

Ketil took us for a tour of Høvåg church and graveyard.

We enjoyed it, fully. 

Swimming in the fjord.

How can you resist?

Undoubtably, we had many long, golden hour walks in the woods.


Honestly, Sarah, our lives aren't really as interesting as everyone seems to think. 
We just portray them hilariously, with too many words.

One rainy day, Jo and Ketil took us out on a long drive.

They introduced us to Lillesand, Grimstad, Arendal, and Risør.

We were delighted, as usual.

Cracking jokes. Good conversations. Rest. 

Coziness abounds.

To be continued.

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