Saturday, July 21, 2012

Switzerland: A smattering of enchanting events.

(I've been terribly behind in blogging. These lovely events occurred a month ago)

After Zurich, Sarah and I took a train to Horgen on the west side of Lake Zurich.
Her gracious and hilarious Uncle Steve hosted us.

He entertained us lunch, coffee, and wild stories from his life on the mission field.

Oh, we are the most blessed travelers that ever were.

First Day:

Woke up in a puddle of sunlight that was streaming through the open attic window 
of Uncle Steve's three-hundred-year-old, cozy yellow house.

Wandered the hilltop forests with Sarah and flowers in our hair.
Foraged wild strawberries and medicinal herbal treats. 

My Plantain leaf wrapped chocolate fought off all the attacking allergens.

A series of welcoming red benches overlooking Lake Zurich.

Stopped to read aloud in a shady spot in view of the green farmlands.

We were discovered by two adorable, hunched, old gentleman, 
who chatted to us, approvingly, in an indistinguishable language and laughed 
delightedly at our confusion, before wishing us a "happy day".

Lunch, wandering, and ending stories beneath shaded waterfalls.

Day Two:

Missed our bus. 
Took the wrong train. 
Found the right train.  

Went to Bern. 


From Bern we travelled to Lausanne.

Sarah rocked out. To her own song.

We wrote in our journal and ate our lunch.

In our picnic: Beer. Stinky cheese. Bratwurst. Nectarines. Chocolate. 


We found out that our four day train pass was good for the following:


FREE rides on the metro, the bus and most gondolas.

And ferries to France.
Who wants to visit France for FREE? We do.

We ferried across Lake Geneva and spent exactly 18.3 minutes there.

We adventured ourselves out.

We know how to have a good time.

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