Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mandal, mosquitoes, and a thousand cups of coffee.

We made the most of our last three days in Norway.
Sars and I drove South to Mandal and met up with Lars. 

Mandal. Graveyard. Beach. Exploring. Cabin.

 We made a huge, colorful salad for lunch.
(Much to the pleasure of Rachael and Sarah and the prolonged hunger of Lars)

Tiny hike. German bunkers. Spelunking. Exploration. Trees. Trees. Trees.

Before we left for Høvåg, Lars invited us over for middag, where we met his dad, Øivind.
Who, by the way, is just as hilarious and crazy as his son.

"Lars is a handsome man. Ahh...I mean a handy man. A handsome handy man...just like his dad!"

Sarah and I, once again, throughly enjoyed ourselves.

Next day we hosted dinner at Tullen and Johan's and had a mini YWAM Norway/New Orleans reunion.

Roasted red pepper soup. Balsamic eggplant. Eclairs. 

Our new friends, Dave and Ingunn, took us fishing.

 We didn't catch anything. 
Beaver fell asleep.

Late that evening, we braved the mosquito clouds and hiked into the forest. 

We had a hard time finding our way.
Our last mossy, trail-less hike in Norway.


Suddenly it was time to leave. Sarah and I fought back tears all the last day.
We drove to Lillesand and ate a mournful little picnic. 

But, seriously, who can be sad when you are saturated with sunshine, beaches, and cake?

Beaver drove out from Mandal and played with us.

Kristiansand. 25 degrees. Full sun. Boating. Concert. Ice-cream. Walks. Woods.

The evening ended with a haircut and waffle making in the kitchen.

And coffee.

Sarah and I sat in Oslo airport and sulked for seven hours as we waited for our flight to Zurich. 

However, Oyvind from the hills the hills of Nepal, met up with us on his layover. 
As we were visiting, Øivind of Mandal also spotted us on the way to his flight. 

How cozy is that?
Small world.

And so we said a teary goodbye to beloved Norway. 
We will surely be back.

Onward to Switzerland!

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