Saturday, July 21, 2012

The City of Subdued Excitement.

I dated Bellingham for a week.

Hiked with Becky in the luscious, green Chuckanut Mountains.

Visited Lettered Streets Covenant Church and received hugs upon hugs.
 Ran ten months worth of errands. 

Shared stories and tan-lines with Nicole.

Rediscovered the Bellingham Farmer's Market.

Took a nature walk through Whatcom Falls with the sibs.

Got one scoop of my favorite Mallards ice-cream.
Lemon liberation!

Breakfasted at Old Town Cafe with Grandma Judy.

Planned a road-trip across the United States.

Spent an afternoon on the bay with the clan.

Decorated Kelly with sea creatures.

Made a short notice dinner at The Cabin.
Chevre frittata. Farmer boy skillet. Mimosas. Banana bread. Fruit. Tea. Biscuits. 

New friends. Old friends. Surprise friends!

 Diederik Bron carved out a visit for us while he was in town. 

Worship. Stories. Fellowship. Norwegian worship songs. Singing. Fumbled lyrics. Playing. Learning. 

Sharing. Laughing. Big hugs. Teary hugs.
Hellos. Goodbyes. 

A perfect welcome home.

 Bellingham is a mossy fairytale.

On the downside, my fish is died while I was in Norway.
My dear parents froze him in a block of ice.

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