Sunday, July 1, 2012

Norway, you enchant us.

After Oslo, Sarah and I went South to stay with her lovely friends in Høvåg.
Jo and Ketil are hilarious musicians and the most generous of hosts.

They reside in the coziest of cozy houses. 
We felt like Anne of Green Gables. 

''Your house is older than my country!''

Fish soup. Evening meal. Giant down bed. 

J&K are caretakers for the thousand year old church and graveyard, right across the yard.

"Does it bother you to live next to a graveyard?"
"Oh, no. They are such quiet neighbors you know. And I'm the boss. So they behave."

Sleeping late. Lilac breeze in the window. Hour long breakfasts.

Jo and Ketil taught Sarah one Norwegian phrase, last time she was there.

"Jeg liker fiskeboller"

I like fishballs.

"There is some kind of messed up naivety, in our heads, 
that make us think that the world is delicious."

 Graveyard exploration. Collecting names. Long walks. Chased by swans.


I may have changed my clothes, in a pew, in this cathedral.


Grilling. Outdoor dinner party. Cigars. Wine. Riotous storytelling. Giggling. 

Rhubarb pie. Coffee. Cigars. Mosquito invasion.

Piano. Bass. Saxophone. Fumbled lyrics. Delicious harmonies.

Singing in the living room. All night long.

"That makes me smile all kinds of kinds." -Sars

Norway, you're enchanting.

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